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There is hope, you are not powerless.

Forest Road

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with fear and nervousness? Do you feel like one bad situation just follows another? Are you terrified of missing or falling short? Do you get paralyzed by fear of failure? Dr. Alfred Alder rightly spoke when he said “anxiety is a safeguarding mechanism that causes us to frighten ourselves out of doing things”. You are not alone, there is hope, you are not powerless over anxiety, our sessions can help you. You can learn how to differentiate real fear from imagined fear, and how to relax your body while dealing with emotional triggers. You can break the patterns of fear, uncertainty, and panic.

There is no quick fix to anxiety, it is a process that requires constant effort, dedication, and most importantly faith in God. Anxiety counseling is not a “read I Peter 5:7 and see me next week situation or sermon”. I Peter 5:7 is the beginning of the understanding that God will provide help with anxiety. Overcoming anxiety is a process and series of sessions. It takes hard work and faith in God, but you can overcome anxiety.


I Peter 5:7

casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

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