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MISSION: Being a Disciple of Christ that others will see the light of the world.

VISION: All who come to Christ will become Disciples and duplicate who they are.


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Our Church:

Upward Church is a new Church plant in Southern California. We were founded In 2023 on the precepts and concepts of the early Apostolic movement. We have embraced the Vernacular of the 21st Century while things are drastically and dramatically changing to remain as an Acts 2:42-47 Church throughout our duration as a Church. 


Our objective is according to Acts, is 


  • To be receptive to God’s revelation, 

  • To be strong in fellowship

  • To be transparent so that others may be transformed. 

  • To be powerful through prayer

  • To see miracles in the masses. 

  • To be a blessing to each other. 

  • Most importantly, to duplicate who we are as a disciple of Jesus Christ so that together we can depopulate hell, and populate Heaven. 


Throughout our history, the Upward Church movement has been marked by courageous people to create communities rooted in God’s mission.


Upward Church has answered this call by establishing a new church through organic and affiliating growth in the United States and In Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. 


It is through partnerships with all the expressions of the Church, financial stewardship, missional transformation, and the faithful call and development of new leaders that Upward Church continues to change the world.

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